The love of the event began a very long time ago!  When I was a young girl, my sisters and I loved putting on neighborhood shows, turning the garage into a stage and wowing the crowd (the rest of the neighborhood kids) with our creativity!  I don’t put shows on in the garage anymore, but I still love a production! 


Meeting planning, special events and designing trade show booths in the corporate world fueled the fire for more and more.  Listening to my clients and finding a way to not only fulfill their wishes for the event, but to exceed them, kept the fire burning.  Traveling around our country and abroad gave me an opportunity to see and learn so much and I wanted to be able to take that to my own clientele. 

Being a detail person is a blessing and a curse.  You notice every little thing that is out of place, the wrong size, an incorrect color or something out of balance and you can’t help yourself but to want to fix it and make it better!  Subsequently VIP Linens and Events was born.  Décor, types of linens and chair treatments that I wanted, were not always available or affordable, so I sought out to create a company that would supply not only beautiful pieces, but the opportunity to work with a designer who could create a look and feel you wanted and knew how to achieve it. 


I have had the pleasure of turning a hangar into a city park – complete with carousel, puppet show and a petting zoo; transformed a warehouse into a showroom floor; embellished floats that earned professional recognition; beautifully decorated halls and convention centers to best represent a cause and encourage a contribution; transformed an old town square into an intimate venue for your only daughter’s wedding reception and seated guest to a dinner while million dollar horses walked down the runway.  Each and every event I design and coordinate become a reflection of the passion within me for the production!  The flame is burning brighter than ever! 



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